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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Happy 1st Month, Baby Joe

Hello, Baby Joe Zhang Kai Jie =)

~~ Happy 1st Month ~~

Since baby is sleeping, we self-entertain with selfies

Jack =)

Little boy is getting more sociable & willing to take pictures with aunties

Greedy Spike keeps scratching my butt, begging for food

Nephews having fun together!

Luke Jr engrossed in conversation with sis

Nathan, still so cute!

Oh.. Joe is awake but crying out loud cos hungry liao!

Contented after milk

Luke opening up, having Hi5 with sis

And munching on turnips!

Didn't really snap a lot of pictures.. so that's it! 

With Joe in the house, that makes me an aunty with 9 nephews (5 immediate ones) & 1 niece + 1 more niece coming soon! Gheez... so many little ones at home, only shows that I'm getting old! hahahahahaha

Anyway, Congrats YaoZhong & YaoYao for your first bundle of joy =)

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