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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Marriott Cafe - The Evil Sister's reunion

Yoohoo ~~~ it's the Evil Sister's reunion! It's been long time since 7 of us (Sam, Eeling, Angeline, Theresa, Fiona, Janice & myself) meet up for dinner. 

Sam suggested Marriott Cafe as she has a Birthday voucher which entitles 1 Free with every 2 paying guests. So, wait no more! 

Angeline, Theresa, Sam & myself were a little earlier than the rest, so we head on in first. 

Feasting starts as of now!

Some pictures of the stuffs I took.. Assorted sushi & sashimi

Prawns & Oysters

Alaska Crab & Crayfish. 

~ Round 1 ~

Some main dishes I took

Oops ~ the skin of the pork knuckle is a little hard

Laksa, where u can choose your own ingredients

Pasta - cooked on the spot with your choice of pasta & ingredients

Oysters again

Not quite into the other main dishes as they looks cheesy to me, so... ... whack the oysters

While Theresa whack the Alaska crabs =D

Ice cream time!

Pictures time! But hey, how come only 6 when I mentioned 7 of us in the beginning of this entry? Cos Janice is down with tummy cramps

so... presenting M-Club Singapore =D

Those who watched TVB dramas should have known by now what M-Club is all about. Here, our M-Club means... ... Makan & Multiply =D=D=D

OK, pictures spamming time! 

As Sam is using her Birthday voucher, she is also entitle a Birthday cake which she brought home for own consumption

Marriott Cafe
Singapore Marriott Hotel, 
320 Orchard Road, Ground Floor, Orchard, 
Singapore 238865
Phone: 6831 4605
Opening Hours: 
Mon to Sun: 0600 - 2200

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