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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Department of Caffeine

Have not met the Voodoo girls for some time, so Ivy suggested going for coffee. The girls listed quite a few places & finally decided on Department Of Caffeine. We were lucky enough to secure a reservations before going

It was very crowded when we reached & we have to wait for the table despite making reservations. 

The girls had coffee while I had hot chocolate which all of it comes with latte art. Not sure about the coffees, but the hot chocolate was disappointing cos it's totally tasteless

Pretty latte art, but by the time the 5th drink is being served, 2 of the latte art has already started to turn bubbly & started disappearing

A group pix before out food arrives

Can't remember what's Ivy's order, but it was something like Waffles with egg & chicken

BOE (Bit Of Everything) 

DOC Breakfast platter

Buttermilk Waffle with butter rum banana & vanilla ice cream. Waffle was soft & fluffy but it has a very strong cinnamon smell & taste which I seriously don't like.

Valhora Chocolate Waffle is better as it doesn't have the cinnamon taste

Food although decent, it's not much to my liking. Thus, I probably won't go all the way there just for waffles/ coffee. 

Everything went on quite well till one of the staff came & ask us to lower our volume! What?!?! Everyone else in the cafe is speaking so loudly, why are we the only table being asked to lower our volume huh? 

Even fine dining restaurant like The White Rabbit doesn't ask us to lower our volume! With this incident, it's confirmed that we will not re-visit even if the food is extremely good

Department Of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road, Singapore, 
Singapore 089481
Tel: 6223 3426

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