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Monday, 16 June 2014

OpenSnap RedMi Winner #20

OpenRice recently launched a new application called OpenSnap & they had this contest going on where you just need to post photos of your yummy food & hashtag it with #dontsayibojio & share it to Facebook or Twitter with the same hashtag (#dontsayibojio) to increase your chances of winning

I joined for the fun of it, & was surprised that I won the 20th RedMi phone even thou I did not do it faithfully on a daily basis =)The next day, I went to OpenRice office to collect the price & the lady in-charge was nice to wait close to an hour for me cos I was stuck in the jam

The winning set of RedMi!

Standard package comes with adaptor

2pcs of SIM card sleeve

and of cos... ... the phone!

Oh ~~ I just got know that it's a dual-SIM phone!

As compared to S4 in the picture; size of the phone is about 13.5 cm X 6.8 cm, with about 0.8cm thickness

Not sure what should I do with the phone since I just got my Samsung S5 about few months ago and I already have an iPhone4S & Samsung S4 collecting dust at home, I asked if any of my siblings wants to take over her. SIL offered to buy it over from me, but ... ... I rejected her offer & gave it to her for free instead =)

This contest has since ended on 14 Jun 14

However, do not fret as they are currently having another contest - Eat.Snap & Be Rewarded.

Two winners (one from each category - Most New Followers & Most Photo Likes) will walk away with a Nikon COOLPIX P340 with built-in WiFi worth $569

On top of that, there are also 50 pairs of Golden Village Gold Class Tickets worth ($72) to be won!

Simply post 30 photos in the month to be eligible for the lucky draw and double your winning chances when you share to Facebook or Twitter and hashtag #dontsayibojio 

How to join the contest?

1. Login to OpenSnap
2. Invite friends to join & follow other foodies
3. Post food photos from restaurant or home cooking

If you have yet to download OpenSnap, do it now at Apple Store or Google Play & start posting away with #dontsayibojio 

Good Luck, everyone!

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