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Monday, 16 June 2014

The Coastal Settlement

Brunch with Berlyn

She stays in the East while I stay in the West. One year ago, we planned to meet for brunch at The Coastal Settlement after my office shifted to Changi. However, our timing does not compliments each other & so finally after one good year, we finally met! =D

It was definitely a hidden gem in the East for it's rustic charm. It's worth visiting at least once if you're staying everywhere else except East

I was expecting it to be a small cafe but boy, I was wrong! The place is huge

Berlyn ordered the Smoked Salmon Salad with additional Prawns, which the salad has only rocket leaves =(

Crispy Chicken Wing is quite good

Big Breakfast where the bacon taste like bak-kwa =D Not sure if the kitchen is slow or they forgot my order.. i waited for quite a while for my order to be served

Berlyn is also nice to bring the box of chocolate her cousin bought from overseas to share with me

Ok, few pictures of us

We also ordered waffles for dessert & again, we waited for quite some time for it & when we asked the staff, we were told that the chef is on break & no waffles will be served after 4pm. But hey~ we ordered this way before 4pm! So the staff went to check on our order & told us they will get the waffle done soon. 

While waiting for the bill, Berlyn saw this very brochure & did a check with the staff. We were then told that this actually sparking drink/ cider where during the olden days, people treat this as Champagne. 

Thus, she bought the last pack & gave me a bottle 

Here's Baby Cham - The Happiest Drink In The World =)

I had an enjoyable brunch with Berlyn & is definitely gonna arrange for another coffee session with her soon =)

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
(Near Changi Village)
Tel: 6475 0200
Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30am – 12pm

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