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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ruzaini & Hidayah's Wedding Lunch

Fizah's brother weds & she invited all of us in the ATeam for the wedding lunch. Since it's at Hougang, Kogu gave me a lift

His mum is in the car cos she's also going to Hougang

What else is new when in the car? Pictures time!

Oops~ someone farted in the car!

The kiddo started making funny/ ugly faces

Fooling around with their grandma

Oops... and someone becomes emo when his grandma alights

Ok boys, we've reached!

Entrance for the wedding venue

The center stage for the newly weds to take picture with friends & relatives

Door gift from the newly weds

Wow ~ got live band!

Oh.. the Bride's father is Moliano (the men in peach costume) - a guitarist with the Malay Rock Trio Lovehunters. He is also a composer, producer and music arranger.

He is also the president of Malay Youth Performing Art, or known as MyPart, is a Non-Profit Organisation which aims to attract the Youths through Music and the Arts and keep them away from negative influence

Didn't get to take picture with the newly weds, so we take out own pictures =D

Bored .. lol

Oh.. some greedy kiddo asking for a taste of mee goreng

Tasting.. tasting.. tasting

What? Ask for some more?! Typical Indian boy he is! =D

Some of the food served. Lontong is good!

Event place too hot, so we decided to go McDonald's for ice cream

Didn't manage to find McDonald's Drive-tru at Sengkang, so we went KFC =)

Back at ATeam HQ

Kiddo is hungry & asked for milk

Since we're waiting for Prakash & Nizam, I shall take a nap first

What? Nap also kena bully ("_")

OK lah.. wake up & play mahjong first! 

So our dinner at ... ... 10 pm with Prata + home-cooked Sardine Curry & Sambal Chicken + Pizza from Domino's 

And the mahjong continues... ... 

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