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Monday, 16 June 2014

Farewell, Chef D'Table

Chef D'Table officially announced on their Facebook page that they will ceased their operations on 11 Jun 14. Thus, we quickly gather ourselves & arrange for a date for a final chance to dine in before she officially closes her door

Sam made reservations via Chope & were assigned to the table in their private corner

Menu items offered was slightly different from out past 2 visits

Oh. We super love this Olive spread

Complimentary freshly baked bread were served after placing our orders. It was so good we even asked for refills! 

Us =)

Some starters to kick off the dinner

Angeline & myself had Escargots. Not one of the best but still good. Would be nice if there were more garlic

Theresa's Wild Mushroom Soup w/ Parmesan Crisp. NO complains from her =)

Duck Liver w/ Grilled Apple & Brandied Prunes. Angeline comments that it's pretty good 

Sam's Salted Egg Scallops w/ Apple Glaze. Definitely a rare & wonderful find in a European restaurant. 

Hong's Braised Pork Ribs w/ Black Pepper sauce & Butter rice proofs to be the best item for him(typical men needs rice)! The ribs is flavorful & tender

Sam & myself had Salmon Fillet w/ Foie Gras. Salmon is nicely done with a little crisp on the skin. Foie Gras cubes are fragrant & creamy. Superb! 

Angeline's Grilled Beef Loin w/ Red Wine Jus is also nicely done as reqquested & tender

Theresa's Chicken en Croute w/ Velouté Mozzarella. A little too cheesy to my liking. 

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant - The main thing we're here for! 

All of us ordered the same dessert as this is the best lava cake we've had so far!

Ooi, Theresa ~~ stop photo-bombing me lah!

We were all highly anticipating the oozing of the lava, but we were disappointed. The lava didn't really flow as much & as smooth as our previous visit. But nevertheless, the taste still remains. 

Although slightly disappointed on the dessert, we still enjoyed our meal =)

Farewell, Chef D'Table

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