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Monday, 10 March 2014

Tsukada Nojo, Koi Kei Bakery & Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

Impromptu dinner date with Angeline, Sam & Theresa @ Tsukada Nojo so Angeline wants to destress from her studies! This is my 3rd visit, so I reckon I don't need to go into details of this restaurant!

Angeline & Theresa were there early, so they went ahead to queue for table first. Me & Sam reached about 6.40pm & we waited about 30mins or so for the table. While waiting, we helped ourselves to the complimentary tidbits! They also took our order when we reached the first in line.

Some pictures before our food arrives

Standard set for the Bijin Nabe

As usual, the waitress will assist in putting the ingredients into the pot

Fried Kagoshima Sweet Potato w/ Honey Vanilla Ice Cream - The sweet potato is very yummy & taste good when dipped into the ice cream

Chicken Nanban

Tori Shumai is yummy too. Minced pork is juicy & goes well with the Japanese soy sauce

Nikumaki Onigiri - we only ordered 3 cos Theresa doesn't eats pork. Sam had the original & Angeline had the cheese while I had the one with Yuzu Pepper. I personally prefers the one with Yuzu Pepper cos it adds a little tangy feel. 


The waitress brought a little black-heart for us towards the end of out dinner. This is actually seeweed paste & it's to be added into the soup if you would like to change the flavor of the soup

As this is their first visit, they were given appointed as Assistant Manager while I am still the manager. One thing I didn't realize.. the chicken on the card grows as you are promoted.. haha

Complimentary dessert is Orange Lemon Jelly. Something quite unusual as they will usually draws chicken related pictures, but this time, they drew a camera with the note "Thank you fro taking pictures" .. I recko they realized that 4 of us keeps taking pictures of the food throughout the entire dinner! =D

Group picture =)

Cute stuffs at counter

Btw, Bijin Nabe fans, rejoice! Chinatown Point branch now takes reservations on weedays before 7pm. However, do take note that they will only sit you in when all your guests arrives. 

Also, Bijin Nabe will be served full-day on weekends at Chinetown Point branch!

Then we went to do some touristy stuff! We went Koi Kei Bakery to buy the famous Almond Cookies & Peanut Candy!

TVB fans will definitely knows about the history of this Bakery as the show 巨輪 is base on the true story of the boss! 

I bought the Almond Cookie with Salted Egg Yoke. I'm not a fan of Almond Cookie but this doesn't have the typical almond smell. It tasted more like pork floss thou

Peanut Candy is very nice. Just like how it's being described in the show, it's fragrant, very crunchy & not very sweet. The teeny wheeny bit of black thing you see at the background is the peanut candy with sesame seed. 

After doing the touristy stuff, we head opposite to  Mei Heong Yuen Dessert for desserts

Yam Paste. Personally I find the taste ok, but lack of the coconut fragrant. The texture is also too smooth to my liking

Barley & beancurd skin thingy which Sam & Theresa had

We also orded Lychee & Strawberry Watermelon Snow Ice to share. Would be better of ore of the Lychee ice is served. Watermelon is a little bland thou.

I hope Angeline is de-stressed after this makan session! 

Tsukada Nojo
133 New Bridge Road
#02-37 Chinatown Point 
Tel: 6444 8840 
Opening Hours: 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm

Koi Kei Bakery
56 Temple street S058601
Tel: 62257677   
Operating Hours:10.30am to 10pm daily
(Monday – Sunday)

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert
56 Temple Street Singapore 058601 
Tel: 65-6225 7677

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