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Monday, 31 March 2014

Pho Street & Pezzo

Random eats when I went Westgate last week since I took MRT all the way to Jurong East from Tanah Merah

Walked passed Pho Street a couple of times & finally trying it!

Lemon Grass drink quite flavorful; nice to quench the thirst

Crab Cake which tasted more like minced pork & a little oily.

Pho Beef Combination. Soup bland to drink on it's own. Pho is thick & rubbery.

Another random eat when I was at JEM. Saw this at LOT1 but it's always with super long queue. Since there ain't any queue, I quickly went to pick up some pizzas

I bought the following:

1. Big Daddy - Minced Beef, Turkey Ham, Italian Sausages, Four Cheese with a dash of BBQ Sauce
2. Cheesy CheesyMozzarella, Cheddar, Edam, Parmesan & Feta Cheese
3. Hot Chick - Spicy Chicken Strips, Special Chilli Sauce, Red Chillies, Green & Red Peppers, Roast Garlic topped with Cheddar & Mozzarella
4. Meat Munchers - Ground Beef, Beef Salami, Beef Pepperoni, Turkey Ham, Beef Bacon & Italian Sausages

The pizza tastes quite good & I quite like this pizza concept cos you get to choose different flavors of pizza to cater for different people at home. O yes, and they do delivery from certain outlets too! 

Pho Street
3 Gateway Drive 
Westgate #B2-K6/K7 
Singapore 608532
Tel: 64659909
Mon - Sun : 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Last order at 9:30 pm

#B1-K9, JEM
50 Jurong Gateway Road 
Singapore 608549
10 am - 10 pm

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