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Monday, 31 March 2014

At Work!

Last Friday at work, Andy bought breakfast from Old Town White Coffee for all of us cos he strike 4D!

Nasi Lemak, which surprisingly tasted quite good but I prefer the classic chicken wing instead of drumlets. Curry Chicken quite flavorful, chicken & potato is very tender. Lots of different toasts, including Kaya & Butter, Peanut Butter, Garlic & Tuna. Taste pretty much like those you find in Yakun/ Toast Box

Still quite full from breakfast, Boss bought lunch from Pizza Hut delivery. Since there is a new pizza launched, we ordered 2 types from the new range. Pumpkin Garden & Seafood Symphony on Hand Stretched Thin Crust. I didn't try the Pumpkin Garden cos I ain't a fan. Seafood Symphony tasted normal & the scallop has this little fishy smell. Dough on the other hand is soft & thin, so it doesn't feels too filling. Apart from that, we also ordered Chicken Supreme, Honey Wing, Spicy Drumlets & Garlic Bread. Burp~~~~~

Tried on colleague's new Fitflop

Then the girls started trying my new found gadget - Monopad =D

Not bad. Can use as a tool to pass documents to colleague siting at next table

The girls started playing with it, 5 mins before we knock off.. haha

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