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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Chicken Hotpot 鸡公煲

Impromptu dinner with colleagues (Vivian & Catherine) since Andy gave us a lift from Changi to Jurong East. We decided at Chicken Hotpot 鸡公煲 cos Andy has been raving about it

We were there quite early, so the restaurant is empty

The menu has only 4 types of pots available - Chicken, Shrimp, Beef & Fish. As recommended by Andy, we ordered the house-special, Chicken Hotpot (mild-spicy).


Apart from the Chicken Hotpot, you can also choose additional meats & vegetables from the fridge to add on to you hotpot. Price ranges from $1.80 - $3.80 Premium plates ranges from $4.80 - $6.80

The had Fruit punch while I had Ribena Soda

Braised peanut as appetizer, which is sweet & the peanut is very soft

We picked few plates of additional dishes for out Chicken Hotpot

The Chicken Hotpot was served pretty fast. The gravy is not spicy even thou we requested for mild-spicy. I reckon they only add the teeny wheeny bit of chilli flakes on the non-spicy version. Taste a little like Japanese Curry, & chicken is very tender. The gravy is quite thick thou.

We started putting in the golden mushroom & broccoli & we realized it's kind of a wrong decision cos the pot if very quite small even thou we ordered medium size pot. The we decide to quickly remove all the chickens in the pot so that we can put in the vegetables

After removing the chickens, the staff came over to refillthe pot with chicken broth so slightly dilute the thick gravy & we put in the rest of the dishes we took from the fridge

I wanted quail egg but picked up a garlic instead. well, can't blame me ok! See? Both looks quite similar =D

A picture of us before we continue eating =)

Food quality & taste is pretty good, so I don't mind coming back to try the other hotpots available. Will probably try the Shrimp pot next time cos we were told that it's served with Tom Yum base.

Chicken Hotpot  鸡公煲
3 Gateway Drive 
#04-08 Westgate
Singapore 608532 
Mon to Sun: 12 pm - 10 pm

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