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Monday, 17 March 2014

Fullhouse Signature

We are no longer doing the Multiply Birthday Gathering effective from this year cos it's quite a hassle arranging for dates with 13 pax. Since Theresa & Cheryl's birthday falls on this month, we did an impromptu dinner date with them

We choose Fullhouse Signature cos someone (I can't remember who) mentioned going there for dinner after I blogged about my visit there on Chirstmas Eve. Unfortunately, the "garden" is booked for a private event, so we were restricted to moving around "living room"

Miss Alyssa & Miss Piglet

While waiting for our food to be served, we munched on the yoghurt cake which Angeline made. It's very yummy & it tasted like yakult! *btw, this is her first attempt in baking yoghurt cake! Damn talented this mummy!

Some of the girls ordered Cheese Stick. Me ain't fan, so I didn't eat. They accidentally served us 1 additional portion of this, so they gave it to us as complimentary side dish.

Wanted to try the oysters, but again it's out of stock. This is the second time I'm ordering this item & it's OOS. WTH?! They might as well remove it from the menu! 

Salmon Sashimi with Crab Meat/Tobiko/egg. Salmon sashimi is fresh but the crab & egg is kind of bland. We ordered 2 portions of this but the 2nd plate came only after 5 reminders & some of us have already finished eating our main dish!

Crab Cake is pretty good

Calamari Ring - no comments as it has already turned cold when I eat it after sometime.

Wendy's Scallop pasta

Alyssa'a club sandwich

Sam & myself order the Seafood Paradise with Mango Cream. Fwah! I must say, picture on the menu is really for illustration! Prawn shown on the picture is of a medium-seized prawn but check out the actual size of prawn being served! This is definitely not worth for the prize of $39++ 

Theresa's Chicken is bland & over-fried it's a little hard

Cheryl's steak

Alyssa enjoying her yoghut drink

Drinks took almost forever to come. It only came when some of us are already habing our main dish! 

My Mango Lemon Mojito. Taste was good, but halfway thru sipping it, I happened to bite on something hard that felt like a crystal, which I thought it was ice. But when I removed it from my mouth, it was a piece of chipped glass! Gosh! Can't imagine if I didn't try to bite it & swallow it immediately. It will be bad if it were swallowed by Alyssa or any other kids. The manager/ owner (I supposed, cos not wearing uniform) took it away but my replacement drink came only like 10 mins later

Btw, the glass that holds Sam's drink also suddenly cracked right infront of her! When heard a loud crack & when we turned towards her directions, we were shocked to see that half the glass is still at the original position but half of the glass is already shattered! 

We also heard another glass crack at the other table!

They were pretty apologetic & did an instant service recovery of a round of Champagne/ sodas (some of us don't/can't drink) for the unpleasant moments

Next, we had requested for our Birthday cake to be served

Apart from Theresa & Cheryl who are March babies, we also rope in Candice whose birthday falls on January but we didn't have time to meet up with her

Well, what's a meet-up without a group photo? 

We also took a group photo with the family of 4 =)

My Evil Twin =)

Slightly disappointed on the service this time, but I shall give them the benefit that they might be occupied with the private event. Nevertheless, the private event should not be the reason for compromising the service standard rendered to other customers & they should cater more man-power should they have private event.

Fullhose Signature
3A,Clarke Quay, River Valley Road, #02-04
Singapore, Singapore 179020
Operating Hours: 11:30 - 01:00
Phone: 6338 0885

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