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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Port Of Lost Wonder, Palawan Beach

School holidays is coming to an end, so I took leave, together with sis & bil, we brought the boys to Sentosa. Initial plan was to go chalet but a little troublesome for Eeling to go check in for us, so a change of plan. 

Since Angeline is a SAHM, I jio her along so she can also bring her boys out for some fun together. She suggested checking out Port Of Lost Wonder (POLW) while Daryl suggested picnic since we have not done one before! So there we go, to POLW first, then to the beach for picnic, sand, sea & sun! 

We wanted to bus to Vivo & to Sentosa via the Sentosa Express, but since we're carrying quite a bit of stuffs, we decided to cab there. 

Plus I reckon it'll be cheaper (or maybe about same) by cab cos it's charged at $6/cab per entry. If we were to travel by Sentosa via the Sentosa Express, it's $4/headcount + the bus fare is about $3/headcount. 

Daryl, super excited, insisted on carrying their own beach tools

We were super early cos we went by cab, the ticket booth is not even opened! haha... 

Admission for child 3yrs-12yrs 
  • $10 Weekdays (50 Curio Coins given)
  • $15 (100 Curio Coins given) School Holidays & Public Holidays & Weekends
  • Accompanying Adults enter for free with a hug from the child

Kids were given a Port Pass whereby they can collect stamps when they participate in activities.

Safety rules for the kids to take note

The water play area - The Pirate Ship

The boys having fun

I laze one corner while the boys have fun

Bubble Party is available too, at 30 Curio Coins. However, it's only 20 mins per session 

Obviously, the boys had fun at the Bubble Party! 

The boys gets a little bored after 2 hours, so we decide o head out to the beach for picnic!

See ya, POLW! We'll probably be back, but see how cos the play area is not as huge as we expect =D

The we head out to the beach! 

Kiddos can't wait, they rush out to play the moment we hit the beach!

While the boys are having fun with the sand & sea, we get the food spread out on the bring table cloth that I bought. Angeline prepared sambal fishcake, mid-joint wing, fishball, bee hoon & drinks while we prepared fried rice, egg potato salad, salmon sandwiches & fruits

*btw, there's this conversation between me & sis the night before ... ...
S: why do you need to bring table cloth?
M: put it on the beach & spread the food items on it lah
S: huh? put newspaper can liao lor
M: huh? newspaper? Hello ~~~~~~~ 
S: erm, hoe I know? I've never been to picnic before mah
M: I also, but newspaper? Only "Sunday Picnic goers" do that ok?!
Then we both burst out laughing

Damien, damn engrossed in eating chicken prepared by Angeline!

Kiddos out having fun with sand & sea again after lunch!

The boys had so much fun at the beach, so much that they do not want to go home. But... .... too bad! lol 

After washing up, we took the beach tram to the beach station & back to Vivo via the Sentosa Express

The boys are already suggesting another picnic out at the beach! We'll plan one soon, and hopefully all my evil sisters & their kiddos can join ua =) 

Port Of Lost Wonder (POLW)
Palawan Beach (near Beach Car Park)
1800-SENTOSA (736 8672)
Opening Hours:
10 am to 6.30pm daily
(Pirate Ship closes at 6:00pm)
Restaurant (Port Belly):
10am - 7pm (Sun – Thurs);
10am - 8pm ( Fri – Sat)

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