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Monday, 10 March 2014

Melecca Satay Lok Lok Buffet

Fwah! Finally the ATeam's Sunday dinner is not at tze char stall! Kogu found a Lok Lok restaurant online & for the first time, he made reservations for out Sunday dinner! 

Malaysia Local Delight - Melecca Satay Lok Lok Buffet

The menu

Types of soup available. Price comes with 2 choices

$26.80nett (adult) on weekend for buffet, inclusive of drinks & desserts. Pretty worth the price tag

Counter - with self service of sauces & self-service rojak is also available

Drinks are also self-service. Self-service for the lok lok ingredients.

Ingredients are fresh & it doesn't have the "fridge" smell which most steamboat buffet places have. However, it would be good if they put in a few more pieces of ingredients per stick.

3 of the sauce I took. 2 stypes of chilli & the yong tau foo sweet sauce. The sweet sauce somehow has one kind of weird taste. Red color chilli taste pretty normal, nothing to rave about. Orange cgilli is good. Taste kind of like the vinegar chilli 

2 types of soup to choose from, so we choose Chicken Soup & Penang Prawn Soup. Chicken soup is rather bland while the Penang prawn soup is quite thick & flavorful.

Favorite! This can be very addictive cos no need to dirty your hands & it goes well with the vinegar chili

Nizam, my happy cockles-eating-buddy! 

Half-way tru the session, we decided to change the chicken soup to satay sauce (+$5)

Satay sauce is a little watery, probably cos we changed into it in the middle of the session. Should be better if we choose this right at the beginning. 

We will be back again to try other dishes & probably give the satay sauce a 2nd chance cos we saw the pot from the next table looks very thick! 

Malaysia Local Delight
224 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437014
Tel: 6440 8378
Daily Operating Hours: 11.30am - 1.30am 

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