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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

BBQ @ Costa Sand, Pasir Ris

Yoohoo ~~~~ We are going BBQ! 

Eeling booked a chalet at Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris) & we took this opportunity to organize a BBQ session

Wore my Papillio cos I have not been wearing her for the past 3 years or more since I started wearing Fitflop

Met Angeline +Hong & +Jaycus, Fiona +Davion & Theresa + Goh + Alyssa for lunch at Swensen's at Tampines Mall before heading to do some shopping for BBQ. Eeling joined us when we're almost done with lunch.

I had the KingPrawn in Chili Crab sauce Pasta with the Ahoy Top-up set which includes a drink, soup of the day & breaded scallop with fries.

Goh & Hong's Breakfast set for brunch

Angeline's Cornflake Chicken

Fiona's Breaded Chicken. 

The myself & Theresa bought ice cream cone from McDonald's while Fiona & Eeling went to Popular Bookstore to check out something. Wow ~~ desserts at McDonald's are getting fanciful!

Went Giant Tampines after lunch in Angeline's car.

Then went to Costa Sands in Theresa's car cos Angeline went home to pick Jayden

The girls (Ji Eun & Ji Hye) are already at the pool when we reached, so Alyssa quickly changed & rushed to the pool to join the girls

Our unit

I unpack & put all the drinks into the fridge to chill it first

Then defrost & unpack the sausages & crabsticks

Theresa prepared the corn

Then we sit & relax over Tiger Radler

Kids corner!

While waiting for the rest of the food to arrive, Theresa & myself decide to go out to do another round of last min shopping

Witness this while we were waiting for cab! How can the parent allow the kid to be standing in a moving vehicle with almost half of the body out of the vehicle?! Do they even care about the safety of the kid? Or they think it's stylish to do such an act?

Anyone in the right state of mind know very well that even if this car is travelling at the speed of 10km/hr (or lesser) & another vehicle travelling at the higher speed were to bump into this car, the kid would be the first to be thrown out of the car, even if you are holding the kid from inside of the car!

I hope the parent will come to realize that this is a dangerous & stupidest thing ever before anything happened & regret the rest of their lives! 

BTW, this reader here is freaking old-school & quite ridiculous can? It doesn't reads your cash card & you have to wind down your winder & tap your cash card manually.  

Theresa gets down to start fire the moment we came back from our last min shopping

This girl here is very good in starting fire!

5 mins is all she need to get the fire started & the flame remains strong when we're leaving!

Ok, let's check out the food! 

Fish, non-spicy, sotong, prawn otah & chicken satay from Lee Wee & Brothes

Pork Taiwan sausages & Bacon from our last min shopping at NTUC; chicken mini sausages from BBQ Wholesale Centre

Prawns & Sotong are bought from Giant. Angeline took the sotong home to seasoned with her mum's recipe

Sambal Stingray, non-spicy mid-joint wing & spicy mid-joint wing from BBQ Wholesale Centre. We also ordered fried rice & fried bee hoon from them.

Shitake Musgroom is from BBQ Wholesale also. Scallops are bought from Giant while I prepared the clams & mushroom skewers

Needless to say, these are from Giant

While Theresa & myself BBQ most of the items, Hong & Park helped to look after some items too. Park is specially good at taking care of the sausages

Kiddos happy with BBQ-ing marshmallow on their own 

Ji Eun is so funny. She uses her paper fan to fan me when I say I'm hot

Few group photos before we ends the BBQ session

Hitch a ride home from Eeling & her girls fell asleep almost immediately when they get into the car. Erm... ... see how they sleep? Ji Eun resting on my shoulder & Ji Hye on Ji Eun's lap. Now, who says I can't be nanny? =D

We had a great time BBQ-ing! 

Thanks Eeling for allowing us to use the chalet & Theresa for ordering the food =)

Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris)
159M Jalan Loyang Besar,
Pasir Ris Park
Singapore 509404
24 Hours Hotline: (+65) 6582 2537
Fax: (+65) 6582 2098

Swensen's Tampines Mall 
4 Tampines Central 5, #03-30, Tampines Mall
Opening hours:
Weekdays:10.30 am-10.30 pm
Weekends & PH: 8 am-10.30 pm 
Tel: 6781 5489

BBQ Wholesale Centre
81 Frankel Ave
Singapore 458209
Sales Hotline: 6848 6848
Sales SMS: 92255 227
Fax: 6844 1163
Our operating hours are
Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday, public holidays, eve of public holidays: 9 am to 2 pm

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