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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Yoogane ~ Lunch w/Jaslyn

Saturday lunch with Jaslyn after dental appointment. Walked around from JEM & Westagate and finally settle ourselves at Yoogane
Quite cool. They even provide free charging of phone for all customersLemon flavored Korean sodaSimple table setting with serviettes, chopsticks & spoons at the side drawer under the tableSalad bar for side dishes are free flow. But funny, the sauce for shredded cabbage are strawberry & kiwi sauce.Very yummy kimchiYoogane’s Chicken Galbi ($18.90/pax; min order of 2 pax) ~ Yoogane's unique spicy sauce marinate with tender chicken meat and fresh vegetables. Somehow, the fresh vegetables are only leeks & cabbages plus a few pieces of rice cake.The orangy thing are Sweet Potato ($4.90) which we added on. Jaslyn was laughing at me for being suaku cos it's my first visit hereWefieWe also add on Ramyeon Noodles which taste just like normal instant noodlesThe noodles tasted bland & Chicken Galbi is not spicy as shown on the menu. Probably due to too much water added by the staff during cooking
Personally, I find this quite over-priced as compared to the one I had with Sam & Wendy at SsikSin Chicken

3 Gateway Drive 
Westgate #03-08
Singapore 608532
Tel: 6710 7821
Operating Hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm

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