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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Batam Getaway (Day I)

Yoohoo ~~ time for a break! Heading off to Batam for a short getaway with the ATeam in celebration of Keeren's 6th birthday!
While waiting for ferry at 7.20pmI had to travel alone to Batam due to work commitment, while the rest of them left on 4.10 pm ferry and are already at Batam =(My ride for the nightTake a nap on the ferry first ... ... As I am travelling alone, I got to hop on a cab to get to the dinner venue, but immediately after I board the cab, David called me to re-route to his restaurant instead of going to the dinner venue as the rest had already finished dinner.While on the way to Kogu's house, David drove to this pancake place to buy some pancakes which taste a lot more different from what we had in Singapore. The pancake is very fluffy & the fillings are sort of salty, probably cos the butter they use is salted. Yummy but oilyThe happy house that we'll be at for the next 2 night =)As the house is gonna be a "holiday house", it has lots of cute wall stickers.Even the kitchen cabinets are colorfulThe backyard has a $7 million (rupiah) swing table/chairDessert time!Kogu bought S$200 worth of durians while on the way home from dinnerBurp ~~ we couldn't finish the durians even after the second night, we end up giving the durians to the construction workers working on site for the villa clubhouseAs Kogu's house is already "flooded" with his relatives, we (myself, Nizam, Angela & Doreen) we went over to his neighbor's house, which also happens to be David's houseThis, the house that we'll be staying for both nightsOops.. what are the guys doing?Wahhhh... got flying cockroach! The un-sung hero for killing the flying cockroachesNothing to do on first night as mahjong is banned in Indonesia, so do mask for the night before sleeping =D

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