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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

28th SEA Games Closing Ceremony

We were at the 28th SEA Games Opening Ceremony a couple of days ago. Today, we are at the 28th SEA Games Closing Ceremony cos Theresa managed to get hold of the tickets. 
Wendy & myself had a quick meal at Curry Times while waiting for Theresa's friendsThe crowd was mad. A lot more people during opening ceremonyOur ticketsThe green & red "man" is quite funny cos it cannot "stand straight" & it looks like they are dancing =DThe torchA very blur pictureSEA country flagsI managed to get few slices of complimentary pizza for everyone. 
The closing ceremony is a disastrous lah! Our tickets are for gate 3 but volunteers directed us all the way to direction towards gate 23. After screening clearance, we gotta walk all the way back to gate 3, which is almost like half the stadium. Then we were stuck at gate 3 for close to 15 mins. 

When we finally got in, we spend another 15 mins walking around from block 103-112 trying to find seat, cos at least 20% of the seats are reserved for athletes. Then we were told to go up to block 600+ by stairs cos there are no more seats. Went up to level 6 by stairs and only managed to find seat after 15 mins cos they removed 2 huge banners. By the time we get seated, half the show is done already. 

Many were being forced to stand/ sit on the staircase, and hundreds are being shut outside the gates. Horrible! 

The entire stadium was chaotic! Terrible planning by the organizers.
The souvenir medal on the funpack Declaring the end of SEA Games & passing over SE Games flag to the next hosting country, MalaysiaPerformancesAnd mass party at the end of the ceremonyInside the fun pack, everything else is the same except that the medallion from opening ceremony fun pack is replaced by the souvenir medal Both sides of medal

On a side note, Congrats Team Singapore for emerging in Top 3 at  the end of the game. 
Once again, thanks Theresa for the tickets.

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