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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ricciottino | Spellbound Kit Chan Concert

Finally after buying the tickets a couple of months ago, it's finally the night of Spellbound Kit Chan Concert! Met up with Angela & her sis for dinner at Ricciottino before the dinner

CioppinoLinguine Al Granchio
Al Crudo
All the food tasted pretty good but the waiting time is too long & it took about 45 mins for the pasta & pizza to be served after several reminders. By the time the food reaches us, we had to gobble down the food cos we're rushing for concert

*Official posterOur ticketsThe venueSelfie with Angela
Towards the end of the concert, Kit Chan reveals that due to complications caused by acid reflux, she underwent surgery on her vocal cords in the first half of last year. She had "no voice" after the procedure and it was a traumatic time for her as she feared that she will lost her voice permanently. So glad that our “national treasure”, Kit Chan has recovered from her surgery & her vocal is not affected. 

Her vocal was just as fantastic as hearing from a CD & only she can hit the right note on those familiar songs. It was really nice to hear her sing again. 

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