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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Uncle Frankie & Amy's Birthday Gathering

Yeah Yeah.. it's family gathering time! Aunty Lucy initiated a gathering cos it was Uncle Frankie's birthday & Amy's birthday is just few days away too.

As usual I was the first to reach cos my working place is about 25 mins awaySasa, the new doggie which Fabian bought home as his colleague wanted to put her to sleep for no reason. Poor Sasa has got terrible "dark eyering" due to the tears stainSomehow, I think she knows that aunty Lucy is quite afraid of dog, so she goes under the chair when she hear her footsetps/ see her coming. Other than that, she is very active & friendly towards everyoneSuper sweet melonAnd check out the food she cater for 20 pax! Mee Siam, Laksa & Nasi Lemak from Qiji; Pizza from Pizza Hut & airfried some sausages, chicken wings & nuggets! No doubt about it, here's how I snapped the previous picture. I'm sure I'm not the only one who did this right? Checking out the picture to see if I have all the food in it =DObviously someone is happy with the food aunty Lucy prepared!Laksa is good. Gravy is thick & flavorful yet not to overwhelmingAunty Alice also bought Cheng Tng & Cendol which is very delish, but don't know where she bought it fromThe cousins, forever camera readyThe nephews loves coming here cos it's like a mini arcade The sister says she's already feeling a little bloatedOn the left, with the handsome cousin who just ORD & won best overall commander award; on the right, the super cute nephew Nathan who is all sweaty after playing basketballUnice's #3 - Zvenn. Quite an easy baby who doesn't really cry & doesn't reject everyone's carryThe stomach after eatingUncle Frankie feels he's too old for cake, so let Amy to make a wish insteadHappy 61, Uncle Brother FrankieHappy XX, AmyPictures timeWe had a great time catching up over food & chat. Once again, thanks Aunty Lucy for being the forever awesome host

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