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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

WineBos ~ Dinner with Ex-BJ peeps

Weekend comes early! Meeting the ex-McDonald's Bugis Junction peeps for dinner & Steven suggested WineBos

The first time I've always thought that WineBos only distributes wine & snacks till today. Apart from wine & snack, they also have quite a range of food which taste pretty good and price is reasonable & portion is quite huge. 
Martini is going for 1-for-1 during happy hoursTapas for sharing - Tapas Fetival (A plate of 3 Tapas)$19.50. We choose BBQ Pork Belly, Bacon Mushroom Wraps & Gambas Al Ajillo.Chicken Chop $14.80BBQ Pork Ribs $18.80Pork Knuckle $24.00, very tender but will be better if the skin can be more cracklingGrilled Salmon $18.80Sirloin Steak $16.80PorterHouse Steak (400G) $29Group pictureApart from Jason (2nd guy on the left) whom I met in 1993 when he joined McDonald's Singapore Polytechnic, I met the rest of the peeps in 1995 when we set-up McDonald's Bugis Junction. Looking back now, it's been 20 years since we met! Nice to meet up again and... ... 
Happy 20th Friendship Anniversary =)
On a side note, le bff bought customize wristlet, mini Bangkok cookies (rice cracker with tim yum flavored) & 2 packets of gao-sai (dog shit) for me from Bangkok. Are you wondering if your eyes are playing tricks on you when I mentioned gao-sai (dog shit)? haha... no.. those are not not real dog's shit. It's just pork floss compressed into stick which somehow looks like dog's shit. Super yummy ok?! Oh ya, the mini Bangkok cookies sre damn addictive I finished half the box within 5 mins! I also wonder why I never bought it from any of my Bangkok trip =DLe bff also lug back 2 pairs of Melissa for me! Mad love my bff lah (",). Now I have a total of 12 pairs! =D

Wine BOS Trading Pte Ltd
61 Stamford Road, 
Stamford Court #01-09 
Singapore 178892
Tel: 6538 7886

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