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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Taiwan Porridge & Durian Fiesta 2015

Met with Angeline & Sam for Taiwan porridge at Coffee Lounge @ Goodwood Park Hotel for lunch, as well as for the Durian fiestaThere are a couple of price for durian fiesta & we decided on Taiwan Porridge A La Carte Buffet, inclusive of Dessert Buffet w/ Durian Pastries ($49.80++ per adult, $24.90++ per child). Since I'm early and waiting for both of them, I went to take a look at the desserts.Durian PuffDurian Mousse CakeDurian Chocolate Wafer RollsDurian CappucinnoDurian MacaronLive Station, with staff making Durian PancakeOther desserts include Red Bean Soup, Tao Suan, Bread & PuddingRaspberry Earl Grey CakeLychee CakeCan't remember what's this, but it's some Strawberry CakeCheese CakeRocher CakeSome apricot jelly thingy I thinkNonya KuehsFruitsIce creamI took one each of the durian desserts. I like the durian pancake best as the durian in the pancake is very good but the pancake is a little thick. Durian in the puff is pretty good too but the puff taste bland & it's kind of dry. Wafer roll & macaron is good and ain't impressed with the moose cake & durian cappuccino Tao suan although taste good, is not very satisfying as you can see, there ain't much beans aroundStill waiting for the 2 girls after finishing my dessertsFinally the girls came & Angeline passed us Dodol from Malacca cos she says no one eats these at home.She also gave us the cracker with pork floss from Bangkok

We placed order as soon as the girls reached. The porridge buffet includes unlimited servings of sweet potato porridge & a total of about 29 dishes.
First on the list, Fried Pomfret in soy sauceCripsy Baby Squid is so good we ordered 2 more portions later on!Preserved vegetable with porkBamboo Shoot Salted Egg & Salted FishChai Po EggHome-styled tofu with porkFirst round of dishes & just realized I do not have the picture of PrawnRound 2: Prawn Paste ChickenStir-fry French BeanBroccoliBeef with Spring OnionPrawn & Onion Omelette
We only managed to order about 12 items out of 29 items on the menu and we're almost filled to the brim
As part of SG50 promo, the buffet also includes a scoop of D24 Durian Ice Cream served on rainbow bread
Photogenic but quite disappointing cos the bread is dry & tough.So we decided to eat the ice cream on it's own, which we later found out that only 10% of the customers eats the breadForgot to wefie during lunch, so we do it in the toilet =D

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: 6737 7411
Fax: 6732 8558

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