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Monday, 29 June 2015

Farmart - Dinner with Karaoke

It's been a long time since we went Farmart for dinner. So since Mike is finally free for dinner after being "mia" for 6 months, we came here for dinner
OMG! There's even a karaoke now! I always thought my mum sings out of tune, but these senior citizens here sing even more out of tune =DGrilled Sambal Stingray, Grilled Sambal Squid, BBQ Chicken Wing. Stingray is a little tough but sambal is good. Squid on the other had is nicely grilled, not chewy but taste a little bland. Chicken Wing is the best of allAh Girl arh.. lol Qing's SeafoodOnly ordered Fried Bee HoonFish Maw Thick Soup & Sambal Kangkong which I forgot to take picture. Soup is thick & full of ingredients. Kangkong is served with crispy ikan bilis to give the extra crunch. 
Still pretty much not a bad place to have dinner apart from all the "out of tune" singing =D

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