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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Batam Getaway (Day II) ~ Keeren's 6th BiIrthday

Day 2 in Batam =)
Rise & Shine! the backyard door isn't lock for both house, so little boy came knocking at our bedroom door to wake us up for breakfastKogu's house is already decorated with party decor for little boy's birthday celebration later in the eveningKogu relaxing in the "private pool" while arranging for cabOn the way to breakfast Breakfast venue - Morning Bakery @ Kepri MallErm, time to change new menu yo!Our dear friend "taking orders" for us =DA wefie while waiting for food to be servedWe had Mee Soto, Lontong, Fried Bee Hoon, Amreican Breakfast, Chicken Burger & Fried Rice. Food was pretty good, except for the lontong which is not served hot. Cabbing to massage centre after breakfastSport Massage CentreDavid helped us booked 16 slots for massage but did not specify what type of massage. The receptionist insisted that he booked for full body massage, so instead of arguing, they negotiated to 10 foot & 6 body massageSince most of us that's going for foot massage gotta wait for an hour, some of us walked opposite to McDonald's for a drink2 rangers spotted hereSilly boy enjoying strawberry sundae & showing off his dirty mouth =DHaving fun at the indoor playground at McDonald'sBack at massage centre an hour later for our session. Rp$10,000 (aprox S$10) for 1hr30min of foot, neck & shoulder massageAfter the massage, waiting for cab to pick up up & to head to some grocery shoppingWahaha.. supermarket here has sanitary pad for the Hello Kitty fans! In case you're wondering, it's about S$1,97Sis's request for body scrubAlso bought a crepe to curb my hungerPlus some juice tea bought from k-mart which is pretty niceBack home, the boys are going for a swim in their "private pool" which Jenny, her sis, brother & mum goes out for a little bit more shopping for some kitchen stuffsI'm assigned to wait for the balloon manHaha.. initially I thought David ordered those balloons for Keeren but no, those balloons are pre-blown by the balloon man for him to sellThe 50 balloons at Rp$30,000 (aprox S$30) David ordered for Keeren is yet to be prepared, and the man only started blowing it when he reaches.Well Hello There... ... while waiting for the balloon man, I finished up the bottle of coke which I bought all the way from SingaporeHeehee.. Doreen happened to come out of the house to check out the process, so I asked her to help me snap a picture of me holding 50 balloons. Cos not all the time you get to take picture with so many balloons right? Especially for someone my age =DJenny came back with some donuts for us in case we're hungry while waiting for BBQAnimals tattoo for the animal-themed partyof cos I have to choose Tiger right? =DDavid also helped to order some food for the party. Not sure where he ordered from, but taste not bad. Salted Egg Squid, Cereal Prawn, Chap Chye, Curry Chicken, Fried Bee Hoon & Fried Rice. Quite cheap also lah.. Rp$100,000 (aprox S$100) for 20 paxMarinated chicken for bbqSweet corn & sweet potatoEnoki, crabsticks, hotdogsWhat are the guys doing with the half-drum? No, not burning incense papers, but using the drum to BBQ!Drum too deep, so David uses he torch to start up the fireWahaha.. fire started too strong food went cooked & burnt too fastFire still staying strong, so strong they had to pour water over itFire looking good, so as the food Having some real fun bbq-ingWhen everyone's done with food, it's time for cake cutting. David ordered & customized the cake according to request from the birthday boy

The happy boy =)The rest of the pictures need no captionsBrought along my instax mini, so snap some pictures with itWe had a busy but fun day! Good night, Batam =)

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