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Friday, 26 June 2015

SsikSin Chicken

Dinner with Sam & Wendy at the new Korean Fried Chicken joint, SsikSin Chicken, located within a small part of Ministry of Food at Nex
Being very thirsty, I ordered Coke & Korean Peach Juice drink which has quite a bit of pulps within
As there was 3 of us, we ordered 6 pcs of Fried Chicken - 2 pcs original (mild) $8, 2 pcs seasoned (mild) $9 & 2 pcs soy sauce (mild) $9. I had the original & seasoned. While the seasoned chicken is tender inside, the skin is crispy & well marinated; the original chicken is dry & tough.I won't mind coming back for the Seasoned Chicken (Spicy)
We also ordered Ohsamdak Bulgogi $35 which consists of chicken, pork, squid & assorted vegetables. Gotta DIY, so someone who doesn't cook is "cooking" for the first time. Bur say cook lah.. she just anyhow stir (*-*)While the pork is a little tough due to slightly overcooked, chicken & squid is nicely done. Sauce is kind of spicy too, so.. ... prepare more water =DFood was pretty good and I won't mind coming back again to try other items on the menu.After we finished the food, we decide to order the latest Instagram-able item from Snowman dessert, also located within MOFAnd 3 of us go gaga about it =DBut... ... while it looks somewhat similar to the picture on the menu, I couldn't figure out where is the mango sauce as mentioned on the menu. Soft serve & shaved ice is quite bland. In a nutshell, this is only photogenic.On a side note, Wemdy bought us fruit soap from her Bangkok trip. Sam took mango & I had the coconut. Both smells exactly like the real fruit! Thanks, Wendy =)

Ssisksin Chicken
Serangoon NEX 
Singapore 556083
Operating Hours: Daily 11:30 am – 22:00 pm
Tel: 6853 5054

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