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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Thai Express

Early dinner (or rather, late lunch) with ex-colleague at Thai Express. This girl is late again! Told her Ill be there in 25 mins time, but when I reach in 40 mins time, she's not there yet! 

They no longer serves ice water, so we ordered Thai Iced Tea $4.90

Seafood Otah $8.30

Love it cos of the generous serving of Squid & Prawn. However, it doesn't taste as spicy as before

DIY Minced Chicken $9.30 - A little salty

Tom Yum Steamboat $16.90

Tom Yum is good, but the flame is a little too strong. It can be a little dangerous if there are kids dining at the same table.

The Steamboat set

The flame is strong it's still burning at the end of my meal!

Chendol $6.80 - Coconut flavor is strong, but no gula melaka  

Overall dining experience is good as the staff are friendly & prompt in service.

Bukit Panjang Plaza
Jelebu Road, #02-27/32
Singapore 677743
Tel: +65-6892 6953

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