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Monday, 27 May 2013

Over the Weekend~

A quick update for happenings over the weekend. 

Met up with Fiona at Tampines after work on Saturday cos I asked her to help me stock up Clinique powder from Airport's DFS when she comes back from her Japan business trip. At the same time, she also passed me some loots from Japan! 

Then met up with Jaslyn at Thai Express for early dinner at Bukit Panjang, which I've already blog about it

Back home, while I was catching up TVB drama online, our mamja dog, Frostie jump up the chair & walk up to me & rest herself on my tummy cos sis is not home (she usually sticks around sis). 

Sunday starts the day with packing the loots I collected from Fiona into my recycle bag cos I'm meeting Sam, Theresa & Angeline for Hi-Tea at Museo

This A|X Armani Exchange recycle bag is damn chio! The material is exactly the same as the typical 红白蓝带 & it's free with a magazine I bought at Kinokuniya like 2 years back!

Evelyn also join us to the Hi-Tea at Museo, so I met up with her at Harbourfront & made our way to Quayside Isle by public bus & the Sentosa bus

We were first to reach, so I started snapping some pictures

Nice scenery but gloomy sky

Plates on the table

The very nice sio bak (roast pork belly)

Haha.. We're a group of "mentally unsound" girls who likes taking picture of food! 

I had a couple of different tea cos it's free flow. 

Few more pictures before the Hi-Tea session ends. Stay tune to more pictures as I do not have time to download the pictures from camera yet.

Head down to attend Keeren's 4th Birthday party after the Hi-Tea session. Thos cheeky boys just have to make funny faces when I grab him for pictures! 

He specially requested for am Elmo rainbow cake, so Jenny ordered from My Fat Lady

As usual, we always end up playong mahjong. But have you seen people playing with newspaper as base? Stay time for the reason behind it! 

These are part of my mahjong buddies! 

haha.. The newspaper cannot make it lah. After 1 round the newspaper starts to tear off we need to use masking tape to secure it! 

Before we left, Jennu gave us ladies a cakepop each. 

For more pictures, stay tune. These are pictures taken from my iPhone4S & I'm blogging this post directly frm Blogger Mobile Application

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