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Friday, 24 May 2013

KBox Cineleisure

Whee~~ It's been awhile since we last went KTV. Angeline initiate a KTV session & we decided on KBox @ Cineleisure cos it has a wide spread of buffet, and it's only $36++

See? The wide spread of buffet includes Fresh oysters! But make sure you hit the oysters first before it runs out & replaced by mussels. 

First on my plate, 6 oysters, prawns, sashimi. Next on my plate, another 6 oysters & prawns again! 

Next, stuffs from the salad bar

Also available, radish soup

Wanted to go for main dish but not really in the mood, so settle for these

haha.. all stopped eating already but I'm still eating!

It's so rare that Sam sings! 

Me & my evil sis singing duet =)

Dessert time - take a break from singing

Continue singing

eeeyuckkks... Evil twin singing Jay Chou's song

Sam wanted to sing the song that 梅妹 sings in 神探高倫布 but none of us knows the title, so Angeline went searching & found the original song .  

永遠的微笑 -  周璇

Sam sings this & we then went crazy about it, we decided to video it down! Below is the vercion sang by one of us. Guess who's the crazy one who sang?

Did you get it right? haha.. it's me! How do I fare? 

Gosh! This song is so difficult to sing cos the pitch is neither low nor high. In the end, I have to use the "60s method" to sing! hahahahahahahaha

We had great fun singing & laughing ourselves silly, especially oldies! Lastly, a group shot before leaving!

Orchard Cineleisure
8 Grange Road
#08-01 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695
Phone: 6756 3113

**grabbed a pix from Sam =)

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