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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Museo, Quayside Isle

We bought a deal from Groupon ($35 instead of $48++) for Hi-Tea at Museo, Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove sometime back & due to the "popularity", we had to make a reservation way back in Mar'13 to secure a seat. 

Sam, Theresa & Angeline went there by cab while Evelyn & myself went there by Sentosa bus. We were sort of lost when we alight at Cove arrival. I couldn't really figure out how to get to Quayside Isle from Cove Arrival cos usually Kogu will drive us in when the ATeam goes to ONEdegree15. Anyway, Evelyn managed to figure out the way to Quayside Isle. 

Along the way, we spotted 2 peacocks (1 behind the tree) wondering freely!

Nice scenery, but weather is gloomy. There's even lighting when we're walking towards Quayside Isle from ONEdegree15! This is the view from ONEdegree15. So much have changed since I last went there! Anyway, we need to get opposite from where we are now, and it's not sheltered. So were praying it don't rain. Evelyn was sort of "running" cos she's afraid of lightning!

Yeah. Managed to get to Quayside Isle before it rains. What a relief ~

View from Quayside Isle

ok, that's me being boliao while waiting for the lift & it's taking forever!

Museo is located at level 2.

There's a few outside seating for those who prefer "extra" air

Our table. The seat is too comfy & it's quite inconvenient if you're here for buffet. However, it's nice if you just sit here & relax over a pot of tea & some light snacks

Normal seating. We actually requested to be seated here but it's reserved for a bigger group

The nice table setting

What's with the bathtub of plants huh? 

Both of us were early the restaurant is not even officially "open", so we started snapping some pictures

There isn't much choice for the buffet spread, but quality & taste of food is good.

The Salad & Soup station

A little more of salad station

Station for Main dish

Dessert & Fruits station

At $48++ (usual price), you also get to have free flow of beverages

Evelyn started eating before everyone else cos she's hungry

As for me, minestrone soup to start off the Hi-Tea

Some Salads (potato; seafood; mango & prawn), Tuna Tataki (right at the back) & Prawns. Prawns are juicy & fresh.

Main dishes includes Roast Pork; Roast Beef; Cajun Chicken; Vegetables; Pork & Chicken Sausages; Clams & Tortilla. Every dish is good, except for the Tortilla which taste a little weird with the Smoked Turkey Ham. Roast Beef (Oops, forgot to snap a pix of it) is good. Tender & soft, done medium well. 

My (our) favorite dish has to be the Roast Pork we had a few servings of it. Tender yet crispy. The skin is so crispy I can hear the crackling sound when I bite into it!

A little more servings on the main dish

By now, you would have realize there's no sight of the teas although I mentioned its free flow. Yes! It's close to an hour since we ordered our selection of teas, but they have yet to serve us! 

We ended up getting the Ice Tea from the buffet station. 2 types of teas are available at the buffet station - Pear & Lychee. 

Lychee Tea taste blah... ...

The Pear tea taste even blah.. it has this "herbal tea" aftermath =D

heehee... We took more Roast Pork! 

Miss Alyssa enjoys the Roast Pork most! 

Dessert time!

Haha.. me & Alyssa's cute feet

Evelyn - forced a photo with Miss Alyssa

Finally after several reminders & more than an hour wait, our tea finally arrived! 

My first choice - Pomelo tea

I like the citrus taste - light & refreshing. 

Sam had French Rose Tea

Oops.. Evelyn caught taking picture of the tea

Alyssa's Steam Milk

She love the milk so much she had 3 cups of it! 

Angeline's Latte, but she says taste like Kopi-gao (Espresso)

Haha.. poor Angeline has to hold her plate so that Sam has a nicer picture of my pot of tea

Oops.. I have "mentally unsound" girlfriends who likes taking picture of food

Evelyn order Pear Tea, but somehow the tea is served with Lychee in it. She doesn't like it, so I swoop my Pomelo Tea with her.

Theresa's Chamomile Mint Tea 

A few pictures while we gossip & enjoy our tea

My second tea selection - Japanese Barley. Taste blah... Evelyn says it's very "roasted"

Anggeline's Ginger Tea is nice. Sweet & not too spicy

My 3rd pot of tea - Lemongrass. Oh.. before I forgot, every pot of tea/ drink is served with 2 pieces of biscotti

I didn't get to snap picture before I reach cos I went in by the door at level2, so here's some picture of it =)

We enjoyed the overall dining experience as the service was prompt (apart from the small hiccup initially on the waiting time of our tea) & staffs were friendly. A nice place for girlfriends to get-together for tea & girlish talks, so I reckon we might be back again

In case you have not seen my previous post, here's a few more picture taking with my iPhone4S

**also, grabbed a group shot from Sam

Museo, Art on the isle, Restaurant.Barroom

Quayside Isle (Next to W Hotel)
31 Ocean Way, #01-22 (Access available via Level 1 & 2 )
Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375
Tel - 6734 8066
Monday to Thursday, 2pm to 1am
Friday, Saturday & PH Eve, 1:30pm to 2am
Sunday, 1:30pm to 1am

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