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Sunday, 19 May 2013

S.E.A. Aquarium

Evelyn & I finally made it to S.E.A. Aquarium this morning after turning back twice due to super long queue at entrance. 

Thanks to GP, we got our tickets at a discounted rate & it's till 31 Jul 13

There isn't any queue at the entrance, but it was already quite crowded at about 11am. People are crowding at every where just to get nice picture of the fishes. 

Sorry, please pardon me for the lousy picture cos I didn't really bother to meddle the settings of my camera & I just set it to "auto".. lol

Anyway, some fishes you see here, you can also see it in Underwater Water World & you probably get a better view cos lesser crowd & you won't get pushed & squeeze around! Honestly, I can't even remember the species of the fishes/ underwater creatures I've seen today, so I'll just leave the pictures without caption.

Spotted a Sea Cucumber! 

Erm.. .. can you spot a fish here? That's a Flatfish.

Yellow-colored Stingray

A Starfish stuck on the glass

Spot the Red Fish?

I didn't notice till Evelyn pointed out a False Stonefish to me & told me that this fish looks normal, but once you step on it, it gives out some poisonous substance which will make your feet swell! 

See that thing hanging on the corals? We were both wondering what is the eerie looking thing & I thought it was Mussel, but it was actually a Shark Egg! 

Evelyn says this reminds her of Wisma Atria!

There is a "Touch Pool" for visitors to touch the fishes. I prefer the one at Underwater World cos you can actually lift up the Starfishes

Happy Girl cos one of the fish 'brush' thru her finger

Hello Cuttlefish =)

Evelyn is so amazed looking at the fishes, she looks like a little girl

The Dolphins swimming

Some of the dolphins swimming upside down

Giant Spider Crab

This is so ugly looking! haha

This Octopus is super active. It keeps moving around. Probably it's irritated by some dumbass using flash on him!

wah.. Love the chio-ness of the Jellyfishes! 

This Jellyfish is damn chio! I like! I was telling Evelyn this looks like the Jellyfish went for rebonding =D

While these Jellyfishes looks like they have tissues tangled on them

There is this panoramic view of the Ocean. So chio lah!  

Happy girl cos she see lots of Manta Rays!

I reckon she can sit ther whole day self-entertaining herself with her "wah.. wah.. wah.. "

Leopard-pritnts Stingray

This Garoupa  is damn huge & fat! haha

wah.. polkadot-ed Stingray! so cute



I love these neon colored fishes!


Sea Urchin

Hammerhead Shark

Some other species of Sharks. 

Spent close to 3 hours here before we decide to leave cos I get a little giddy watching too much fishes swimming infront of me at the panoramic ocean view =D

When we left at about 3 pm, it was very crowded with a snake queue at the entrance. So, be there early if you're planning a visit! 

S.E.A. Aquarium,
8 Sentosa Gateway.
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

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