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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Keeren's 4th Birthday

Keeren is 4! 

Kogu & Jenny invited us over for a mini-celebration with their family. It was meant to be a family event but Keeren specifically wanted to invite us, the A-Team members 

His number Idol is Mickey Mouse, but after an outing to Universal Studios Singapore, he has a new Idol - Elmo. So this year's theme is Elmo/ Sesame Street

Jenny catered a mini buffet for her family while Kogu's mum cooked some Indian dishes for his family

Heeran came out to entertain us cos Keeren is super busy!

Summer wanted a picture with Heeran but he turned away. Fizah sitting at the side laughing at the funny situation.

I help to entertain Heeran while Jenny entertain the guest, but this little boy is more interested in Nizam's food

He'a an active boy! 

Mike as usual... Last man eating!

Fizah needs to catch her flight to Seoul for Manager's Convention in a few hours' time & Prakash needs to catch his flight early morning, so they left before the cake cutting

Keeran's cute Elmo cake which he specifically requested for it

So cute! Even the candles are Sesame Street themed

The family of 4

Kogu puts 4 big candles instead of small ones! 

Kogu also bought another cake for all the mummies in the house as belated Mother's Day celebration

All the mummies in the house

The birthday boy is super duper excited in cutting the cake cos he requested for a Rainbow Cake & he's wondering if his mummy gets him an ordinary cake or a rainbow cake!

Wah.. It's really a Rainbow cake! 

Jenny grant Keeran's wish on having an Elmo Rainbow Birthday cake! 

Cake was ordered from My Fat Lady. While it looks impressive, it doesn't taste good. It taste bland, almost tasteless. Texture is hard & dry. 

However, what's important is the birthday boy is happy =)

Birthday boy enjoying his Rainbow Cake

As usual, our day at Woodlands always ends up a game or two rounds of mahjong

Remember on my previous post, we were playing with newspaper as base? This is the reason why! This table is torn long time ago & the hole is getting bigger & more holes are appearing. We have not been playing for some time & the last piece of mahjong is stained with liquor from Kogu's cousins' drinking session. No choice but to use newspaper! 

But the newspaper starts tearing after 1 game! Haha... 

Here's few more pictures of the happy birthday boy taken with my iPhone4S

Once again, Happy 4th Birthday Keeran!

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