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Friday, 10 May 2013

Gardens by the Bay

A walk around the Gardens by the Bay after Tulipmania event at the Flower Dome. Didn't take much pictures cos it's my 2nd visit. Details & history of the Gardens can be found here

We also went to the Cloud Forest since Sam has yet to be here.  

They now have mini-trains running around. It wasn't ready the last time we came.

haha.. Evelyn says this reminds her of King Julien from Madagascar

Super Duper Jumbo Escagot anyone? =D

Pretty overview of the Gardens

Myself, Sam & Evelyn went up the OCBC Skyway at the Supertree Grove cos both of them have not been up there before, while Angela & Ivy went up to IndoChine to rest their feet. 

Ticket for OCBC Skyway is at $5 & it is advisable to purchase the ticket at Supertree Grove as it is non-refundable should the weather doesn't allows you to be up there!

View from OCBC Skyway. Details of the Supertree Grove/ OCBC Skywalk can be found here

When we're up at the Skywalk, we saw this cute/scary (depending how you look at it) Floating Baby sculpture! 

Some snapshots on OCBC Skywalk with my iPhone4S & the Super Wide Angle Lens again

My new hairdo. Pretty? =D

As the weather is turning gloomy, we decide to make our way to join Angela & Ivy for a drink at IndoChine. Took up the Happy hour package at $10 which includes a soft drink/ coffee/ juices.

One last picture of the Gardens before we head to Au Chocolat at MBS for late lunch

For more details on opening hours & ticket rates, visit the website: 

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