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Friday, 4 December 2015

Welcome, Dalton Lam

It was an evening of mix feeling! 

It's been so long since I had KTV & finally when I get a ktv date, I had to be recalled back home to watch the 2 Ds while sis & bil rushed to the hospital due to waterbag burst! 

And guess what? 

The  recall came when I just sat down with my plate of food & I did not get to sing half a song! 

Sigh .... 

So I went back & wait for updates from sis/ bil lor
This picture came a little more than 3 hrs after the recall came! 
Hello, Dalton Lam

Little D4 can't wait to see the World, came fat & furious at week 35. 

So yes, that makes him a premature baby.. but look at his weight! A whooping 4.255 kg! Guess he is the most heavy premature baby I've ever met so far!

Bought the boys to visit their mummy at the hospital after their swimming the next day

Their cousins came to visit as well

Because baby in is NICU, only parents are allowed

So here's pix sent by bil

Poor baby has to be on tubes cos he has lots of phlegm in the lung & his lung is not fully developed

Angeline, unable to visit, sent a gift over. Thanks Angeline

Friends also gave lots of chicken essence

Theresa also pop by for a visit with gifts for baby, the elder boys & sis. Thanks Theresa for popping by =)

As I need to rush home for my appointment, I hitch a ride from bil's bro & brought all the gifts home first. 

Thanks everyone for the love & concern. 

Once again.. Welcome to the World, Dalton Lam!

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