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Monday, 21 December 2015

CN6 Christmas Gift Exchange

Team Awfully Awesome's 1st Christmas gift exchange! 

It;s been years (from the time Rona left) since I had Christmas gift exchange with the teammates. This year, Siew Hoon initiates the exchange but well, 2 of them are not keen, so not an issue! 

Nhey suggested we do it the Secret Santa way to see who do we have to buy a gift for. But the girls not knowing that we're not supposed to let the other party knows, go around telling everyone. End up we have to re-pick the receiver =D
We were given 3 days to get the present worth $15 (or more) & omg... 3 of them didn't even have the time to buy wrapper & end up using A4 color copier paper to wrap. Mad funny!And here's what I got. Shake, shake, shake, I hear something like a voucher!Wah!!!!! My Santa gave me $40 worth of Melissa voucher! And my receiver got 3 lip balms from meNhey dropped a hint to whoever her secret Santa is, requesting for a new set of bedsheet & she got what she wished forChloe got a bag from HazelSiew Hoon, got slipper, lotion & body wash set from ChloeAnd lastly, Hazel got perfume from Siew HoonI also gave them a recyclable CBTL cup with a a mini computer brush & some chocolates in thereSiew Hoon also bought all of us gifts too!Each & everyone of us are given a pen in our favorite color, with out name engraved on it. Thank you, Siew Hoon for the pen, Santa's gift & love from everyone of you
Thank you again, Siew Hoon, for bringing out the teamwork & believing in us

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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