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Friday, 18 December 2015

Ubin First Stop Restaurant | Dinner w/GM

For the first time, CN6 CS are invited to dinner by GM & honestly, we were rather surprised lah. Anyway, it was one day before stock-take, so we were a little late. By the time we reach, everyone else who were invited are already there ;D
Venue was at Ubin First Stop Restaurant, which seriously, I have never been there before!A group pix with the CN5 CS while waiting for food to comeOf cos, how can the picture be be without GM, Mr Goh right? I actually ordered coconut but ... ... Mr Goh asked the waitress to get me a glass of beer!Wahaha... ok, so drink beer lah!Still doing wefie while waiting for food. Sorry, we abit low-profile, so only wefie among ourselvesWoo .. prawn meat roll, I like!Baby SquidPork ChopFried RiceRoasted ChickenMusselCereal Prawn2 types of VeggiesChilli CrabErm .... I really can't remember why Ah Jing has this facial reaction =DAnd out of sudden, I got arrowed to sing on "stage"Help! I really have problem finding a decent song cos the entire CD collection the lady has, is all oldies/ hokkien songs I couldn't figure out a single songIt took me a good 10 mins to finally find a very old sond sang by Ah Mei! Erm, someone took video of us singing and it was mad funny! 
Continue to chat & beer off the night till wee hours 

Ubin First Stop Restaurant
57 Lor Bekukong, 
Singapore 499173
Tel: 6546 5905
Hours: 11 am – 11 pm

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