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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Multiply's Christmas Gathering

It's the yearly Multiply Christmas Affair! This year we have a new venue & a new host, and that's Wendy. 
Pot luck, and so Wendy prepared drinks & some finger food
Myself & GP prepared ingredients for DIY sandwich with lettuce, tomato, egg mayo while GP prepared sardine, curry potato & chicken luncheon meatTheresa cooked hokkien mee & fishballs, Wendy's backed mushroom & finger food Angeline bought log cake, Sam bought Durian puffThe boys are having rice instead. Very uncle style leh .. lolThen they were all imagining that they are characters from Star WarsMinnie Mouse in the house!The rest of the pictures need no caption =D

Group wefie firstTheresa bought along Bingo game cos she says she has lots of stuffs to give awayFirst Bingo price goes to Sam who won a bottle of bird's nest drinkIt was supposed to be our game buy it became the kid's gameOk lor, then we selfie again lahTime for gift exchange! These are for adultsWhile these are for the kidsThen it's our turnHeehee... EL got my power bankAnd I got Wendy's tea selections from JapanAlso, Angeline who just came back from TPE bought me these!GP also gave stuffs from BKK!Thank you girls for all the gifts,May 2016 be a wonderful year for each & everyone of you!  

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