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Sunday, 20 December 2015

ATeam's Christmas Gathering

Yabadabadoo ~~ it's the annual ATeam's Christmas Affair! As usual, it is held at the  ATeam HQ (Kogu's house)
This year we decided on catering instead of cooking/ pot luck. 
As the people attending this event all has this "rubber-time" habit, I ordered the mini-catering set from Neo Garden Catering cos they will just drop the items & go. No set-up & no collection. Thus, we do not have to rush to finish the food.
Sin Chow Bee Hoon
Signature Curry Chicken - our favorite chicken dish!TofuCereal PrawnsYam RingSotong YoutiaoSiew MaiChocolate EclairsSea Coconut
Of cos, everyone is satisfied with the food tonight. Well, with good quality & taste guaranteed food from one of the best caterer, who will not be satisfied right?
Mahjong time!Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Indian chap there is one of my mahjong kahkiWoohoo ~ Nizam also came with 2 party packs from CBTLWhat's Christmas without gift exchange?
This year we set a min price of $30 with many N0s like mug, chocolate, photo frame, towel and phew.. the rule works cos we have better presents this year!
I got a very cool gift - uPen Compact Massager-cum-penMike got uBuzzJenny/ Keeren got a sandwich maker So coincidentally, Prakash & Fizah got couple gift!Irene & Nizam got power bank & watch respectivelyAbi & her daughter got voucher & perfumeAnd Sion got juice quencherA group wefie before we continue majong while the rest head home. 
Last but not least... ... Merry Christmas, everyone!

Neo Garden Catering Pte Ltd
1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813
Operating Hours: 
Mon - Thur: 9 am-7 pm 
Fri - Sun: 9 am-6 pm
Tel: 6896 7757

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