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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Family's Christmas Gathering

It's the Tan family's yearly Christmas affair & again, it is held at aunty Lucy's house. 
Eventhough aunty Lucy catered food, all are welcome to bring additional. So I ordered Nonya Kuehs from Lek Lim
Food catered by aunty LucyAs usual, lots of lots of food & these are just part of it!Amy also arranged to mini ball pit to entertain the younger kidsAnd it comes with a little slideBalloon sculpture! Kids' favorite More food!And here comes Santa! Again, this modern Santa comes down from stairs instead of chimney cos where to find house with one in Singapore right?Santa distributing presents. This year instead of doing gift exchange, parents are to buy their kid present & Santa will give it to the kids on behalf of parents.Nathan. Always play till hair so wet he looks like he just showered.Santa singing Christmas song before leavingThe kids having a group pix with the hostMahjong time!Wahaha.. won only like $10 after the gameContinue to feast after mahjongHang around a little while more before heading homeBack home, the boys are happy that they received Star Wars tee from their uncle AlbertAnd gifts from mummyAha~ even Dalton who is not there received present too!Aunty Vick also pack lots of tidbits for the boys. 
OMG.. the boys had so much fun at aunty Lucy's house & they can't wait to go over again! 

Meanwhile, wishing everyone a belated Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing Day! 

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