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Friday, 2 May 2014

堂聚 Tang Music Box with colleages

Yeah! After dinner entertainment! Andy suggested KTV at 堂聚 Tang Music Box since we're at Clark Quay for department dinner

I called to inquire & manage to book the last available Large Room (11-18 pax). Hurhur.. the room has got a "Mini stage" wor!

Andy's wife & son

hurhurhur.. now I know who is the mic hogger!

Andy - best duet partner so far

Drinks for the night, and erm... ... this is probably 1/4 of the drinks we had! The bill came up to close to $800 including of cover charge of $20/pax! Gosh! That's quite a bit of drinks we all had. Or rather, only both my bosses, Andy & myself drinks. The rest of them drinks only a bottle of cider each.

There's a photo booth at the cashier & we did a bit of fooling infront of the camera. Once photo is taken, it will be sent to our email & uploaded to Kronenbourg 1664's Facebook page.

Tang Music Box 堂聚
3B River Valley Road (Blk B Clark Quay)
#02-03/04 The Foundry, 
Singapore 179021
Telephones: 6338 6659 / 6338 0081
Daily: 2 pm to 4 am

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