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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dessert Times & Curry Times

Found this Dessert Times when we went to buy lunch with the colleagues at Changi Village last week. 

The shop, apart from looking nostalgia, has lots of old-time sweets & games that reminds you of childhood

Needless to say, I go crazy buying lots of sweets & biscuits while waiting for our desserts to be ready

The menu. We bought a few of the items to give it a try & 2 of my favorites are as follow

Durian Pomelo, which very thick durian & yummy durian & lots of pomelo. Colleague on the other hand feels it's slightly bitter

Another of my favorite - Triple Mango Happiness. Basically it's Mango sago pomelo + Mango Pudding. Taste pretty good but by the time we got back to office, it's no longer chill.

In the evening, we went for dinner at Curry Times since Andy dropped us off at Westgate. 

It was another place with nostalgia feeling they even have complimentary cookies for all diners! How cool~

While waiting, we went to pick up some complimentary cookies. I remember I used to eat only the icing flowers on top of the biscuits & when mum nags, I'll just tell her the biscuits lao-hong liao (not fresh) =D

I had the Curry Chicken with Bread ($7.90). The loaf of bread is slightly hard on the outside, but very soft inside. Curry on the other hand is flavorful & thick. It also comes with quite a bit of ingredients (2-halves potato & 4 pcs of chicken)!

Salmon Otah ($1.90) is rather bland & there's only a tiny slice of salmon

The colleagues not feeling hungry, settle for only desserts. I had BurBurChaCha which is full of ingredients & strong coconut fragrant.

The colleagues - Vivian & Catherine

Wanted to buy some Curry Buns home but it was already sold out (at 6.45pm)!

Few days later, the colleagues decided to revisit Curry Times cos they wanted to try the curry after seeing me eat the other day

Gheez..... again, the Curry Bun is sold out (@ 6pm)!

Ok, grab some flower biscuits again while waiting for out curry

Catherine & daughter had Ice Lemon Tea & Homey Lemon while I had Cendol. Sadly, the aunty who took our order written down Coffee Cendol instead of Cendol. Honestly, it taste awful! 

Vivian, Catherine's daughter & myself had Curry Chicken with Prata ($7.90). Tasted just like what I had the other day. Thick & flavorful. Prata is crispy too! 

 I am a little ambitious to order one more piece of prata with egg ($1.90) & couldn't finish it.

Catherine had Curry Fish with Rice ($7.90) but it tasted more like assam to us & the vegetables are still quite hard

Dessert Times
Blk 5 Changi Village Road #01-2013, 
Singapore 500005
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs (12pm to 10pm)
Fri-Sat (12pm to 12midnight)
Sun (12pm to 11pm)
Tel: 6543 3456

Curry Times
West Gate
3 Gateway Drive, #02-08 
Singapore 608532
Tel: 6369 9609
Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm daily

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