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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Singapore Zoological Gardens

Kogu has got tickets to Singapore Zoo @ $10 each, so he gave me 5. Since the boys has got swimming lessons & they couldn't go, I passed 2 tickets to my colleague

Me trying on my new mobile report control while waiting for colleague & her sis

Some pictures taken while in the Zoo

Waiting for some show to start

Yikes.. just 1.5 hrs in the Zoo, my hair is disgusting wet & oily!

Finally got to see Inuka, but he's sleeping

The girls are tired after 3 hrs of walking & so we went for lunch. They left after lunch while I went back in to meet Jenny & her boys

The boys went for a 30 mins play at the waterplay

Yoohoo ~~ then we went for ice creams! 

Happy boy =)

Gheez... the waffle cannot make it lah! So hard!

Since the boys are tired, we head home after ice-cream

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