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Monday, 12 May 2014

Latitude, ONE°15 Marina Club

Kogu called while I was on the way home & insisted that I detour to meet them at Harbourfront for dinner. When I reached, he picked me up from bus stop & then off to ONE°15 Marina Club

View from where we are seated in Latitude, which is opened to only club members & residents of Sentosa Cove

Woah... Ferrari's having a new car launch party, but too far from us, so can't really see anything 

Interior of Latitude

Set Dinner ($22-$42) is being served from Sunday - Thursday, and all set dinner comes with complimentary Salad & Dessert Bar

The only seafood available for the salad bar are Salmon Sashimi, Cherry Clams & Prawns

Minstrone Soup

One more round of Salmon Sashimi & Prawns cos I'm not quite keen on the rest of the greens, cheese & breads offered at the Salad Bar =)

Nizam's choice - CharGrilled Black Angus Striploin (300gm) $42

I had Royal Pork Loin Rack $32, which is super tender & fat! =D

Kogu, being the typical ah neh, ordered Nasi Goreng $22 & surprisingly it's quite good according to him

Fruits from the dessert bar, cos not keen on the cakes offered.

While waiting for lift to go to the carpark; here's part of the pool where families can sit back & relax over drinks & nibbles while their kiddos are swimming. Pretty right? 

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