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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Swee Choon Dim Sum

Went home to rest after the trip to Zoo & went for late dinner (ok, supper again!) at Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant cos Nizam wants to try the dim sum. 

As usual, appetizer is being served upon seated

First round of order!

Sour plum drink. Apart from the preserved plum, it comes with a fresh plum as well

Fan choy 

Egg White fried rice

Vegetarian goose. Not the usual ones I had. This comes with mushroom filling.

Prawn roll I think

Egg Tarts

Har Gao

Another of my favorite - Custard Egg Bun

Egg White hor fun

Fried Prawn Dumpling & Wanton

This is just first round of the stuffs we ordered for 5 pax... hahaha =D

Yam paste is good. Smooth yet can feel lumps of yam, not too sweet & coconut milk is very fragrant.

Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant
183/ 185/ 187/ 189/ 191 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208882
Fax : 62941089
Business Hours :
Monday to Sunday : 6 pm to 6 am
Close on Tuesday

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