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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Magnum Pleasure Store

Tuesday evening spent with Sam & Theresa.

A quick dinner at Old Kim Guan Express

You Mei Fan is quite good although it doesn't looks well cooked

Mei Cai Kou Rou. Pork belly is nicely marinated & tender. Preserved vegetables is not too salty thou.

Black Fungus Chicken doesn't looks appetizing but Sam says it's good

Curry Chicken taste very old-school. Fragrant & thick!

You Cai

Done with our quick dinner & trying out my new mobile remote control

After dinner, we quickly head down to the Magnum pleasure store, which is the main reason for us being at Nex! 

Apart from ice cream, they also serves main dishes, non-alcoholic & alcoholic drinks

Sam's choice - Chocolate Shake

Theresa's Naked In Pink (alcoholic) is yummy

The Morning Jumpstart (alcoholic) - My choice, which I kinds regret ordering cos the espresso in it is too strong for me! 

Now...  the main reason why we're here... 

"Design My Magnum"

Sounds cool huh? 

Step 1: Choose 3 of your favorite toppings out of 18 available choices

Step 2: Choose 1 of your favorite ice cream coating. Choices available - Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate

Once you've chosen your very own toppings, the staff will then go ahead to get your Magnum prepared right in front of you!

I customized mine with Dark Chocolate coating & Gold Flakes, Popping Candies, Chocolate Hearts as toppings

Theresa's - Milk Chocolate coating & Gold flakes, Popping Candies, Coffee Powder as toppings

Sam's - Dark Chocolate coating & Rose Petals, Popping Candies, Gold Nuggets as toppings

Our very own Designed Magnums

Mr Goh joined us for dinner &this is part of his meal - Vanilla Magnum with peach topping

Theresa fooling with my new mobile remote control & Mr Goh is giving her one kind of look =D

The Magnum Pleasure Store is a temporary store set-up at Nex & it has already ended as of 30 Apr 14. Can't wait to see where they will popping up next cos the girls from the Voodoos wanted to design their own Magnum too! 

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