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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Line Pop-Up Store & Restaurant Hoshigaoka

WOW! Line friends, rejoice! Line Singapore has a pop-up store just outside Wisma Atria

I was there last Saturday noon & look at the queue to get into the store! So... ... give up! 

When I was walking away, I spotted Cony & Brown walking behind!

Since I'm near & am still waiting for Ivy, I went to join the queue to get picture with them. Daddy from the family queuing behind me offers to help me snap this picture cos I'm alone. Thanks!  

Ivy came after I'm out of the queue & helped me snapped these 2 pictures. 

Line Pop-up store is now on till 22 May 14. Line friends, if you have not gotten your favorite Line merchandise, pop-by soon to avoid disappointment!

Then we both went window-shopping & early dinner at Restaurant Hoshigaoka

Mini Kaiseki ($33.60) for the hungry Ivy

Hoshigaoka Zen ($33.60) for the hungry me!

Matcha ice cream with azuki beans

Everything was good till I almost choke on the 2 long bones (abt 2" long) in the Gindara cos I didn't expect it to have long bones. It got stuck on top of the throat & my finger couldn't reach the bone. It took me quite a while to force the bone up by forcing very hard burp for a few times. The force was so hard my tears started flowing & Ivy says my face turns super red! 

Scare the freaking shit out of me lah! =D

Continue to chat for awhile after we finish our food before we head home to rest

Restaurant Hoshigaoka
Shaw House Branch
350 Orchard Road
#04-00, Isetan Scotts
Tel: 6734 9725
Operating hours: Daily 11am – 10pm 

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