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Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Pool Table

Those who have been to my sister's place should have seen a huge table full of junk. So finally today, BIL decided to clear the pile of junk on top & reveal what's underneath. It's a ... ... Pool Table! =D

Yes, it's a Real Pool Table, not those flimsy fold-able Pool Table. This used to be in BIL's friend's pub but the friend gave it to him for FREE after he shut down the pub. Seriously, I don't understand why BIL wants it lah.. It's taking up so much space in the living room & it's almost like a White Elephant for close to 4 years in the house! 

The balls got stuck inside cos Daryl used to "drop" toys in the pockets. So they dug out whole pile of toys internally.

Then all of them started playing it before I got home! Daryl looking like a pro here! =D

Check this out! Old Mr Lam who is 80ish years old is also playing & he's quite good at aiming the balls into the pocket yo!

Then sis & Daryl decides to play a game together & Daryl won! 

What? Frostie also wanna play/ I bet Weezer will barking at them if she's still around

Fwah! Our maid also knows how to play can?! I also dunno lor.. 

Anyway, they were playing non-stop till about 7.30pm & I gotta stop them in case the neighbors complain. I bet they'll play the first thing in the morning tomorrow!

On a side note, here's a Doraemon version I helped Fiona buy the other day

Put it on the Real Pool Table & it's really 小屋见大屋 =D

I was telling sis & BIL, we should start a mini Pool Center at home - $10 per game (inclusive of a can of Coke & a small packet of Potato Chips) 

How? Anyone wanna "rent" a game? =D

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