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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Random Pix from Samsung S4

It'dlong weekend due to a back-to-back Public Holiday. Hari Raya Pussa falls on Thursday & Singapore's National Day falls on Friday! 

Selemat Hari Raya Adilfitri to all the Muslim friends & Happy 48th Birthday, Singapore ~~ 

Since it's a long weekend, what are you guys up to? I bet most of you are out of town. Oh, I quite ♥ the idea of a short get-away but unfortunately I have to be back at work on Thursday & Saturday. No choice... ... 

So here are some random pictures taken ovet the past few days with my new toy, Samsung Galacy S4 

Reached home after work on Thursday & sis says they're going out for Raya house visiting. So I decided to order Pizza cos lazy to go out & get food. Logon to Pizza Hut website & found out that they have just launched their new Mobile App for easy ordering & you get a free garlic bread on your first order via the app! *What are you waiting for? Quickly go download it from the App / Play Store & enjoy the offer

I always have the habbit of ordering extra in case the boys wants to eat. Luckily I did cos the boys got nothing to eat at the Raya house visiting cos all are spicy food! 

Yeah~ I was off on National Day & spent my morning nuahing at home. Sis cooked lunch for the family

Braise Egg, Cabbage. Beancurd

Spinach with Mushroom

Steam fish

Luncheon Meat! 

Shrimp Wanton

Wanton soup

Frostie had a small accident when she try to ran out of the house. Hit her eye on the door & a small piece of skin came off & starting bleeding

 Yup. Then I was out to meet the girls for dinner at Royal Palm

Saturday's dinner

Pork with carrots & mushroom

Bak Kut Teh with intestines & mushroom

Didn't finish the braised stuffs from the previous day, so add on some golden mushrooms to it

After dinner, all the lazy bump squeezing in one lazy boy armchair

Frostie came & sleep on my arm!

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