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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

Whee~ Finally can upgrade phone! Honestly, my first choice was iPhone5 cos I've been using from iPhone3Gs to iPhone4S, but many have been telling me there ain't much difference between my current iPhone4S & the new iPhone5. Thus, I finally made up my mind to make a switch to Samsung - Samsung Galaxy S4 

One the day I'm eligible to upgrade my mobile plan (29 Jul 13), I logon to Singtel Shop Online to re-contract my line & at the same time to get a new phone! After a few clicks... .... it's done, with delivery scheduled on 1 Aug 13, between 6pm-9pm!

Next thing I do is.. ... logon to Qoo10 to shop for casing!

On the scheduled delivery date, Mr Courier called me at 6.35pm informing me that he has already passed the package to my maid! 

Tada~~ latest toy - Samsung Galazy S4

It also comes with a Car Adaptor & Desktop Dock. While I completely do not need to use the Car Adaptor, I'll probably bring the Desktop Charger to office

A pack of TecTiles, which I have yet to figure out what it's for =D=D=D

While waiting for my casing to arrive (should have order the casing before ordering the phone!), I end up buying another casing so that I can start using first. 

Bought it from seller here & fwah, package came quite fast. I placed order on Tuesday morning, & I got the items on Thursday noon! 

Bought a Privacy Screen Protector 

Charging Cables 

2600mAh Portable Charger - Pink for myself, Green for Evelyn cos she keeps complaining her phone's battery goes flat very fast; so yesh.. yellow is for standby

2 Casing - Fancy Flip-Style Cover in Pink $7.10 & Fancy Flip-Style Cover 

For now, since my iPad2 is unable to read the sim card, I removed it & use it for my iPhone4S so that I can listen to fmRadio on the go cos my new data plan has only 3GB & there's no in-built radio for Samsung S4. Thus, my iPhone3Gs can finally retire!

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