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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Vivian's Farewell

The Girls feast again. Few of us met up for hi-tea cos Vivian is leaving next month to join her hubby in China.

Vivian initially suggested Cafe Melba but the place does not allows reservation, so it's not very practical. She then suggested The Landing Point @ Fullerton Bay Hotel, but it was fully-booked. Thus, we settle for The Courtyard @ Fullerton Hotel, which is the "sister" of The Landing Point

The hotel entrance

The Courtyard

Table setting. The chair is too comfy I think I'll fall asleep if I lean my back against the chair too long =D

The Tea/ Coffee list 

Tea selections served here are also from TWG, with 2 choices of tea for the Hi-Tea session. Coffee are however free flow. My first choice, Chocolate Mint Truffle

Scones are also served with clotted cream & jam. I ain't a fan of scones cos they're usually hard & a little dry, but this is quite soft. 

Just like The Landing Point, food selections are served on 3-tier tray & they're refillable. The servers will come by you table & ask if you would like to refill any of the items. 

Top tier: Oreo Cheesecake; Some puff which I didn't try; A terribly creamy stuff; Green Tea Macaroon; Strawberry Lemon Tart

Middle tier: Salmon Cone & Assortment Sandwiches - Tomato & Cucumber; Smoke Duck; Brie Cheese; Pumpkin w/Cream Cheese; Otah w/Egg & Cucumber; Egg Mayo

Bottom tier - Fruit Cake; Kueh Lapis; Sweet Puff; Madeleine w/Raspberry; Opera Cake ; 

I personally like this Salmon w/caviar Cone. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for salmon!

I don't fancy cheese, so these are the only sandwiches I eat. Smoke Duck & Otah are my favorite 

Sweet surprise! One of the server came with sweets & pastries for refill, and I happen to see Creme Brulee on the tray!

Strawberry Lemon Tart is the only sweet stuff I like on the tray and I had quite a few of it.

After all the sweet stuffs, I decided to go for my second selection of tea. This time, I choose Geisha Blossom.

While the rest of the girls are busy discussing their holiday plans, me & Theresa snapped a pix of ourselves =D

As usual, group picture before we head home

I find this picture quite funny. Check out the emotional girl at the side =D

The Courtyard, Fullerton Hotel
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday 
1st Seating 2:00pm-4:00pm 
2nd Seating 4:30pm – 6:00pm

For reservations, please call (65) 6877 8129 

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