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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pickled Lettuce Appetizer

Early thins month, I went Lei Garden with The Girls for Sam's Birthday Celebration & the appetizer served caught my attention!

Thanks to Fiona, I was told that it's pickled lettuce (菜心) & XO sauce, so I came home & mix my own.

To make this, I bought Narcissus Brand Pickled Lettuce (菜心) & Lee Kum Kee Extra Spicy XO Sauce, and I began mixing it.

2 cans of Pickles Lettuce, drain the excess water in the can

Diced into cubes or smaller pieces 

6 spoonful of XO Sauce

Mix evenly; store in airtight container & keep chilled. 

Tested; although it doesn't taste exactly the same as what I had at Lei Garden, it taste quite good. It can be eaten on it's own, add into instant noodle or fried rice. 

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